About Me

Image of myself sitting on the top of a munro surrounded by nothing but hills.
Sitting at the summit on one of Scotland’s munro’s.

Primary reason for this blog is for myself to take note and relive the very enjoyable times I spent outside and roaming around Scotland. Doing so I hope I can share my experiences and hopefully allow others to gain an insight into any of the hills and walks I’ve done so that they can also do them. Hopefully with the added confidence that seeing where someone has been before can give.

I do enjoy taking my camera, and of course that does allow me to then print off many memories into various hard copies and books for myself. I do not expect others to wish to print my work, but should you wish to do so feel free to contact myself. Also as an aside, if you also like to take photos I can’t recommend enough the pleasure that seeing your own work in a hard copy gives. Great to take time to organise and then get them printed!

Who am I

I’m currently in the West Lothian area of Scotland and very much an amateur photographer, not expecting anyone to request my skills, but in saying that if someone did want to speak to me about something I may certainly consider it.
If it gets me outside and behind the camera – what more is there to ask for 🙂

So far I’m not quite at the half way mark for munro bagging, but I’m not in it for munro bagging. I’m in it to get outside and to experience Scotland.


I can be contacted here – [email protected]
Feel free to ask me questions on any hills, gear, photography etc as well, but that may be nicer if you use the comment section of each post. That way any information I share can be see by everyone.


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